Simple Green Smoothie

02 November 2015

Green Smoothie

I admit I am not very good at eating my greens but I am good at drinking them! This smoothie is perfect for the beginner who doesn't like a strong veggie taste! This is a delicious, high nutrient option with no added sugar! I use a Nutribullet but you can use whatever blender you have. Add different fruits and greens as you like! Experiment!

Fresh baby spinach leaves
Frozen mango chunks
1/2 apple or pear
1/2 whole lemon

  1. Fill Nutribullet with half spinach leaves, half fruits, and fill with water.
  2. Blend all ingredients until smooth.
  3. Pour in your favorite glass and enjoy!
Tips & Tricks
  • Place heaviest ingredients at the bottom of Nutribullet so that it pushes everything down when you flip it. I put in the mango chunks, apple, lemon and spinach leaves last.
  • I normally add water to the frozen mango chunks and let them sit a while to soften. 
  • Don't forget to peel the lemon skin. You can use the skin but I don't like the bits it leaves in the smoothie.
  • You can use less spinach and more fruit to start and add more spinach when you feel comfortable.

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